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AFK Client How to set automatic digging?

If you have purchased the AFK PLUS package, you will find and open the 1.20 AFK Client Folder on the desktop. Open the MinecraftClient.ini file inside, find and edit the section below, now your AFK account will automatically break the blocks you specified.

# You need to enable terrain and movement to use the bot
# You can use "/digbot start" and "/digbot stop" to control starting and stopping AutoDig.
# Since MCC does not yet support accurate calculation of the collision volume of blocks, all blocks are considered complete cubes when obtaining the position of the viewpoint.
# Please refer to the name of the block. https://mccteam.github.io/r/block/#L15
Enabled = true
Mode = "lookat" # "lookat", "fixedpos" or "both". Digging the block being looked at, the block being in a fixed position, or excavating the block that needs to be completely covered.
# Position of blocks when using "fixedpos" or "both" mode.
Locations = [
{ x = 123.5, y = 64.0, z = 234.5 },
{ x = 124.5, y = 63.0, z = 235.5 },
Location_Order = "distance" # "distance" or "index" when using the "fixedpos" mode, blocks are determined by distance from the player or order in the list.
Auto_Start_Delay = -1.0 # Set how many seconds to wait after entering the game to automatically start digging, set to -1 to disable autostart.
Dig_Timeout = 60.0 # Digging a block for more than "Dig_Timeout" seconds will be considered a timeout.
Log_Block_Dig = true # Whether to output logs when mining blocks.
List_Type = "whitelist" # Treat the blocked list as "whitelist" or "blacklist".
Blocks = [ "Cobblestone", "Stone", ""]

You will do the mode part by looking at it.
In the Blocks section, you will write the blocks that your afk account will break. You can check the website https://mccteam.github.io/r/item/#L12 to access the list of all blocks.

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